A Couple Satoshi's About Us

Our First Satoshi

Bitcoin, that’s where this all started. We have a story you might find to be  similar to yours. It’s inevitable!

You hear about it a few times, the media steers you one way, the banks another and then of course the government has their opinion for you. 

Then you pick up a book, you watch a few videos, listen to a few podcasts and  join a few conversations. The thoughts are stirring and you just walked straight into the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole. 

Now you have an opinion, you see things a little differently.  You definitely learned a lot about money and not what they (don’t) teach you in school. 

Then bam,  it just makes sense.  The math is there, the computer code is working, the money network called Bitcoin  is amazing, nothing has ever existed that works this well for money. Anyone around the world can now have access to a world currency, have a bank account and start a business to trade with the world.

It only made sense to start trading in our FIAT money for bitcoin.  Then logically of course, one must earn and trade goods for bitcoin. We can now trade goods world wide and no middle man takes any of yours or our  money in that transaction..

Over the years in the space we were always looking for something with that accent of bitcoin involved in it. Whether it was art for the wall, something for the office or a place to stash a hardware device, we found we were not the only ones that were looking.  People like to show support in the things they approve of and like, its just human nature. Next thing we knew, we started an idea to help people find that little thing they want to collect and now were  earning bitcoin by creating a little bit for you..  

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