Bitcoin Meme Tag Magnets


Bitcoin MEME Tag Magnets for the Office Cooler, your Fridge at Home or the Job Site Toolbox.


A Meme Can Stick Like A Magnet

Sharing Bitcoin MEME’s has been a well known past time in the bitcoin space.  A picture and a one liner can have a great impact to get the meaning across.  We searched the web for some of the favorites that have circulated around to 3D print #MEMEtags for the #Bitcoin Hodlers around the world.

If you don’t see your favorite MEME saying or color combo you like, drop us an email and we will create your very own for you.

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Our 3D products are printed with PLA, which is a polymer made from renewable resources. Unlike most thermoplastics that are usually petroleum-based, some of the raw materials used for PLA’s production include corn starch, tapioca roots, or sugarcane.


Number Go Up, ₿uy Bitcoin, We Are All Satoshi, Plan ₿, ₿uy the Fucking Dip, Orange Coin Good, Bitcoin Fixes This, Stack Sats, HODL That Bitcoin, 21 Million ₿

Base Color

White, Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Green, Yellow, Black

Secondary Color

White, Black, Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Green, Yellow


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