Bitcoin Well ATM


The Bitcoin Well ATM – Bitcoin Lightning Node

1TB $617.21 CAD/ $494.21 USD — 2TB $795.21 CAD/ $636.21 USD

Inspired by the Bitcoin Well ATM this miniature version has been turned it into a working Bitcoin Node packed with

all the Power and Storage you need with an 8GB Pi4 and your choice of a 1 or 2TB SSD.


Bitcoin Well ATM

  • Raspberry Pi4 8GB
  • 3.5″ Touch Screen LCD
  • X862 Expansion Board
  • Official Raspberry Pi Power Supply
  • 32GB MicroSD
  • 3D Printed Bitcoin Well ATM Printed Case

1TB $617.21 CAD/ $494.21 USD — 2TB $795.21 CAD/ $636.21 USD


Running A Bitcoin Node at home has never been so easy.

Node Cases are designed and 3D printed with multiple STL files and a few G code modifications to create original pieces for each and every Bitcoiner.

Grab one of our Pre-Designed Bitcoin Well ATM Bitcoin Lightning Node  or drop us a line and we can customize the ATM model to your Bitcoin Company.


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What’s it made of?

Our 3D products are printed with PLA, which is a polymer made from renewable resources that are 100% biodegradable.

Every print is original in it’s own special way as the 3D prints are not Injection Molded but printed with Proof  Of  Work layer by layer with an FDM(Fused Deposition Modeling) 3D printer.

With FDM 3D printing technology there may be slight imperfections and/or differences from model to model.

SSD Storage

1TB, NGFF M.2 2280, 2TB, NGFF M.2 2280


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