Umbrel Pi4 Case


duly NODE it!!
Bitcoin and Lightning Custom Designed Node Cases for Raspberry Pi4’s

Please Message us to Customize your Node to your favorite colors and design!

Umbrel Pi4 Case

duly NODE it!!!
3D printed Raspberry Pi4 Cases

Are you running a Bitcoin and Lightning Node?

As the World incorporates bitcoin, every home and business will soon be running a node. Not only to
help validate transactions and blocks and pass them on to other nodes but to transmit their own
transactions to the network thru their wallet and node.


Our Raspberry Pi4 Cases are 3D printed with multiple STL files and a little G code modifications to
allow us to, let’s say “paint a picture” using multiple colors in the first layer.

Grab one of these Umbrel Pi4 Cases or drop us a line and we can customize one exactly how you want. You can change colors, add phrases or names even vector images all for just a few extra Sats!

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Our 3D products are printed with PLA, which is a polymer made from renewable resources and is 100% biodegradable.
Unlike most thermoplastics that are usually petroleum-based, some of the raw materials used for PLA’s production include corn starch, tapioca roots, or sugarcane.


Black and Yellow, Yellow and Black, Black, Grey and Red, Glow in the Dark


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